How Many Porta Jons Do I Need?

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What area do you service?

Originating in Holmes County, we've expanded to Mt. Vernon and Columbus. We serve the following counties

• Wayne
• Coshocton
• Tuscarawas
• Stark
• Summit
• Medina
• Madison
• Union
• Clark

• Ashland
• Richland
• Belmont
• Carroll
• Knox
• Franklin
• Champaign
• Delaware
• And More...

What's included with my weekly service?

Weekly service includes pumping of the waste tank, a blue sanitizing recharge, interior sanitation of the walls/urinal and restocking of supplies.

Can I stake my restroom down?

To help anchor your restroom you may want to consider staking them for additional support. Stakes will help keep your restroom in the upright position so it can be utilized for the full duration of your rental. While anchor stakes can help minimize tip overs, they can only be utilized if the restroom is sitting on soft, level ground. Stakes will do very little to fight tip overs from juveniles or vandals.

Can I rent a Porta Jon for just 1 day?

Yes, we can do portable toilet rentals for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, or long term.

Are special event Porta Jons used on construction sites?

No, we have units that are reserved only for special events and have never been on construction sites.

What happens if my Porta Jon gets tipped over?

If the Porta Jon gets tipped over, please contact our office. We will send a service technician out to clean the unit. Additional fess may apply for this service.