Job Trailer Freshwater System Rental In Ohio

Running a job site can be tough, especially when you need a reliable freshwater system on-site. Not having one is causing you and your workers a lot of stress. At Miller Portable, we believe you shouldn’t have to wrestle with this issue, just as you do. 

With over twenty years under our belt providing job trailer freshwater system rental in Ohio, we’re here to make your job much easier. So, rely on our services today.

Systems That Work Perfectly for Your Job Site

Take advantage of the following freshwater system rentals we can offer you:

250-Gallon Holding Tank

When indoor plumbing isn’t available and bulk waste storage is essential, our 250-gallon Holding Tank is your must-have option for great comfort. This tank is:

  1. Manufactured with extremely durable plastic. 
  2. Features heavy-duty, thick-wall construction. 
  3. Has multiple ports to accommodate any plumbing configuration. 
  4. Easily set up with rubber couplers and clamps.
  5. Available in a natural color that reveals fluid levels from a distance. 


By choosing this option, your job site trailers, RVs, emergency relief effort camps, and more can always enjoy a convenient sanitation option.

100-250 Gallon Fresh Water Delivery System

Our Fresh Water Delivery System provides 100-250 gallons of non-potable water, perfect for restroom trailer rental. Plus, it also provides:

  1. Features an on-demand pump that runs on standard household current.
  2. Equipped with GFCI-protected circuits and a low-water electrical shut-off.
  3. Lightweight (46 lbs. empty) and compact (60″ H x 23″ W) for easy transport and storage.
  4. Comes in a semi-transparent color for simple water level monitoring.
  5. Easily drains through a 1″ valve, with a 10″ diameter top cover for convenient interior access for cleaning.


Thanks to this accessory, get ready for your portable showers, sinks, and long-term portable restroom rentals to work easily.

Miller Portables is Always Ready to Serve

Managing a job site without a reliable freshwater system can lead to operational hiccups and discomfort for your crew – and that’s a situation you want to avoid. So, contact Miller Portables for a job trailer freshwater system rental in Ohio. 

Here is how to get our service:

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Give us a call and let us know about your site’s needs.

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Schedule a delivery and installation time that suits you.


Get the sanitation option you’ve been needing for your job site.

With Miller Portables, you’re not just hiring a service – you’re investing in a smooth operation and a happier, more comfortable crew.