Job Trailer Freshwater System

250-gallon holding tank


PolyJohn’s 250-Gallon Holding Tank is an essential piece of equipment for long-term portable restroom rentals such as an outdoor rest area or a multi-day special event. Functional, discrete, and safe, the tank gives peace of mind to the workers or guests at the location.

The 250-Gallon Holding Tank is manufactured with extremely durable plastic and features heavy-duty, thick-wall construction. It has multiple ports to accommodate any plumbing configuration you may need and is easily set up for use with rubber couplers and clamps. The tank is available in a natural color that reveals fluid levels from a distance, a requirement in certain states.

If indoor plumbing isn’t available and bulk waste storage is essential, a holding tank is a must-have. Our 250-Gallon Holding Tank is ideal under job site trailers, RVs, emergency relief effort camps, or wherever reliable, clutter-free, maximum outdoor waste storage is needed.


Our Fresh Water Delivery System provides 100-250 gallons of non-potable water for use in portable showers, portable sinks, and freshwater flush portable toilets. It’s the perfect accessory for office trailers, food service trailers, workshops, and lunchrooms.

The Water Works has a built-in, on-demand pump that operates on regular household current, and the circuits are protected by GFCI and a low-water electrical shut-off. Its lightweight construction (46 pounds empty) and space-saving design (60” high by 23” wide) make it a breeze to transport and store. The tank is semi-transparent, so it’s easy to monitor the water level. Cleaning the Water Works is simple. Water can be quickly drained through its 1” valve, and a 10” diameter cover on the top of the tank allows easy access to the interior.

The Miller Portable Advantage

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